Author: Redazione di SCAME SRL

Tube laser cutting: laser cutting machine for pipes and profiles

The use of laser technology in the cutting of the tube with different profiles such as round, elliptical, square, rectangular, allows to obtain significant advantages in the innovation of the production process, and a high level of quality.

The processes that can be performed on pipes are many, among the most common are the holes, slots, notches and slanted cuts.

Scame srl’s technical staff uses proprietary and non-proprietary 3D design software, which allows to directly use and process the files supplied by the customers and to program the machinery for processing in a quicker and more efficient way. The formats that can be used and imported are the following: pdf, step, dxf, dvg, par.

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Mechanical carpentry

  Sectors of application:

  • Food
  • Textile
  • Packaging
  • Ribbons conveyors
  • Goldsmith

Phases of workmanship:

  • Cut
  • Folding up to 3 mm of thickness and lengths of 3 mt
  • Welding MIG and TIG

All the phases from the single piece to the car ended on sketch of the client.




Cars to control: Cars to control c.n.c. for the phases of the:

  • Cut
  • Folding



Materials employees:

  • FE 37
  • AISI 304/316
    in formed plate, dishes and bars, tubular