Tipper elevator

This machine has been designed for small preint size with 90 mm diameter sealed ink-cup, for bench use. The system with sealed ink-cup allows a fast change of the colour and also to spare more than 50% of ink.
So, also the work place, using this system is more clean and healthy.
This machine is equipped by a programmable keyboard, operated by PLC.
This keyboard is directly programmable by operator either for the wait of the coulor drawing or for the printing wait.

Features :

  • Solid structure in painted, electric-welded steel, high degree of solidity.
  • Object-holder table for placing the printing the pieces, height adjustable,with cross movement X-Y
  • Pad-holder unit with cross movement
  • Plates-holder 100×200
  • Sealed ink-cup 90mm. diameter.
  • Operating of the horizontal and vertical axis electropneumatic